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Blackstone Farm Again Pennsylvania´s #1 Breeder

Blackstone2021 copy.jpg

February 5, 2022 

The proverbial “mailbox money” of breeder’s awards might seem like the easiest check to earn in the Thoroughbred industry, but the reality is those awards are the fruits of incredible time and effort on the part of the people bringing up the horses.

Still, if the time and effort is going to be put in, it’s nice to have it pay off, and Pennsylvania’s lucrative incentive programs for breeders ensure a good breeder is rewarded for supplying a good horse.

In 2021, the breeding operation that saw the greatest rewards for the horses it raised, in terms of Pennsylvania breeder’s awards, was Blackstone Farm in Pine Grove, Pa., which brought in $277,161.

It marked the third consecutive year that Blackstone Farm topped the state’s standings by breeder awards.

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